Stone Chair -Bradford -England - November 11, 2005

We played our second show at the Stone Chair in Bradford on the 11th.  The PsychoSlinkys were awesome as always.  We weren't so bad either.  Great room.  Great crowd.  Great Cheers!

The Stone Chair Stage at the Stone Chair Who Knows - Live at the Stone Chair
Two lads! Jack Some of the crowd at the Stone Chair
Scott's Mum and Dad in the back. Who Knows Some more crowd shots.
Jack, Scott, Dale, Chuck, Mike P. and Mike. Most of us.  Sorry Keith.  Annie took the picture.
Andy and Mick Lights! Camera! Debbie!
Keith, Mick and Jacob Dale I'll let you figure it out.
Scott, Andy and Mick Mick.  Nice guitar mate! Andy and Scott
I love this shot Dale Barth, Sound Engineer Mick
Mick Andy, Scott and Mick Mike, Dale, Jack and Keith
Everybody Reverse angle Everybody again
Chuck the "Bass Player" Sammy and Mick Jack
Jam Session Some of the crowd at the Stone Chair
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