Waterloo Bowling Club - Huddleston -England - November 11, 2005

The final show of our three gig tour.  This was probably the largest crowd we played of the three.  Needless to say we went out with a "bang".  Great gig again.  The crowd was very enthusiastic and supportive.  The PsychoSlinkys were absolutely dead on.  Especially the medley at the end of their set.  Brilliant.

Keith and Mick Waterloo Bowling Club Dale, Andy, Keith, Scott and Mick
Mick Psychadelic Scott Dale, Jack and Keith
Mike Andy
Scott's Dad sits in. Scott's Dad sits in again. And again.
And again. And again. Mike, Andy, Alan and Dale
Who Knows at the Waterloo Jam Session Mustang Sally
Keith and Mick Mike and Andy Mick
Jack and Nate Alan Adams Jack
Mick Annie and Friend Andy
Andy, Scott and Mick Mike Patrylo and Mick and The Beatles Mick
Andy, Scott and Mick Mrs. Patrylo, Andy's Mum, Mrs. Strunk, and Mick's Mum Woody with the kids.
I love this shot Annie and Friend again. I love this shot too.
Andy Keith Mick
Andy high up. Jack lends a hand. Mike
Mike Andy, Alan Adams (Scott's Dad) and Dale Andy
Jam Session Jam session again. Jam session again and again.
Mike and Andy Scott in the crowd. Mike and Andy again.
Dale Carol, Annie, Sammy and Andy's daughter. Scott and Mum.
Jam Session Keith and Mick.  Thanks to Alex Cooke. Alan Adams on drums.
Dale lost in the crowd. A triumphant return. PsychoKnows!
Andy, Alan, Keith and Mick Mike, Dale, Chuck and Andy Half a bow.
Jam Session Mike, Chuck and Dale Mike and Andy
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