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Some times the fans get captured on film.


Just a quick note of thanks for filling Nicole’s spot on the DCT telethon.  You guys were great. The best sounding group on the whole show! Sorry I could not be there even though I am on the Board of Dream Come True. I know it took a lot of work for you guys to set up for such a short gig. But our KIDS will benefit from you giving up you time. Thanks again.

God Bless,

Fred Reinhard



Barb and I always have such a great time listening to and dancing to Who Knows, but Friday night's Halloween party at KC's was really a blast. You guys made my birthday the most memorable ever.  We can't thank you, the band, and your support gang enough - please share our sentiments with them. Great music, great fun, great people.  Rock on!

Don Baylor

Participant comments from the Springfield College Class of 74 Reunion - June 6, 2009

That was one memorable night that I'm not sure I will ever forget!  The band was so ON!  The guest appearances made it all so much better.  Hope to see you soon.

Kevin O'Reilly

The class dinner, in Cheney, brought still more people. Keith & the boys kept the dance floor packed all night.  I know I mentioned this after our last reunion but I gotta say it again.  I LOVE THAT THE MEN IN OUR CLASS DANCE!!!!!!!  This isn't the case in the real world and I'm always impressed w/ our men.  Thank you.

Carol Doyle

The band was phenomenal and was truly one of the best parts of the weekend.  There was just so much joy going around...seeing all those guys up there 35 years later singing and playing...doesn't get a whole lot better than that. 


Siamsa's 04/03/09
Siamsa's 04/03/09
Siamsa's 04/03/09
The Legendary Tannersville Inn - 9/13/08
The Legendary Tannersville Inn - 9/13/08
Mike Shelton's brother, Bob, sits in with Who Knows at The Dakota.
Who Knows newest fan, Connor, proudly shows off the bow that Charlie Daniel's personally gave him during his show at the Sherman Theatre this summer.  Dale even got to play a tune or two with it.  "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" never sounded so authentic! Some of our newest fans from KC's Tavern, 4/21/07
Camelback, Feb 2007

Tom pops the question to Lin at the "Who Knows" Halloween Party on October 29th at the Mad Rose Bar.  Good luck guys!

Hi there Dale,

Just wanted to reiterate how wonderful you guys are!  Such an excellent band to dance to, sing along with, and just plain ol' feel the groove. 

This is the third time my coworkers and I have seen Who Knows? (2X at KC's Pub, once at Quality Inn), and quite frankly I think we're addicted.   :o)

I actually had my djembe (hand drum) in my car because of having a rehearsal before work.  I'm kicking myself in the arse right now for not bringing it in tonight because the place was definitely rocking. 

Add me to your email list, por favor, and again excellent job to the whole band!!


Merci A. Hamilton

Pocono Manor KC's Tavern KC's Tavern
Pocono Manor Memory Town Memory Town
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Hi Keith,

Alex here (Fleece manager). I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to all the guys for a sensational evening last week. Hard for me to believe that it's a week since you were here, it's taken me that long to get my feet back on earth!
Spoke with Mick this afternoon and we both agreed that the Fleece has never seen anything like it, you guys ROCK!
Hope you all returned safe, you've made this sleepy part of Yorkshire very happy. Hope to see you all soon.

Take care, Alex Cooke

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