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Who Knows is (from left) Rick Carhart (Chuck Kagel), Heidi Dotterer ,Jack Boyer, Keith Naylor



For information call

570-646-1232 or via email at kcnaylor1511@yahoo.com



Where We'll Be!

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New Demos




Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Money for Nothing

Wagon Wheel

What's Up

When Will I Be Loved



Who Knows meets Guess Who?

Keith with Jim Kale (bassist and original founding member) and Derrick Sharp (lead vocals and guitar) from The Guess Who!

Pocono Brewing Company


Nice shirts ladies!








Orange Blosssom Special



Devil Went Down To Georgia



The House is a Rockin



When A Man Loves A Woman



I Feel Fine



I Shot the Sheriff



Pick Up The Pieces



In The Mood



Unchain My Heart



Rock This Town







Listen to "Who Know's The story"  An original song,



 most of it anyway, about us by the one and only Pieter







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Who Knows is a configuration of musicians that are anything but what the name implies, They are always solid,  thus the satire. 

Based on an ever present core of five musicians they bring vast experience from many years of playing in the Pocono Mountains and the greater Northeastern US.

 So come in, sit down and listen to Who Knows ... a blend of five musicians bringing a wide range of music - a lengthy repertoire spanning five decades of music; folk, blues, classic rock, southern rock, pop, and rhythm and blues.


When our musical community comes together it makes extra ordinary music. 

Over the years the bands in the Pocono's have undergone many transformations.

The result is a group of fifty or so players who at various times have performed together.

This special group of musicians love to get together and sit in.

The "Who Knows" name also implies the fact that we never know who will show up to sit in.

Our policy is to let people sit in whenever possible. 


The core of the band is unchanging. 

The members include both the musicians and the support crew.  

With the support of our friends and family we have continued to do what we love:

 We play "Good Time" music well.


The band is:

Keith Naylor - Guitars, Vocals & Mixing
Chuck Kagel - Bass Guitar, Recording & No Vocals
Dale Barth - Fiddle, Harp, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Allan Cook - Saxophone, Flute, Vocals & Recording
Jack Boyer - Vocals, Acoustic, Electronic Percussion and "Fixin' the Stuff"


Guest Appearances

(Not in any particular order)


In Memory Off Michael Patrylo - Acoustic Guitar and Smooth Vocals


Kristy Jo - Fiddle (Nashville Musician, Luke Bryan's band)

Mike Strunk - Guitars & Vocals

William Fogg - Harp and Vocals

Mick Brown - England's Psychoslinky's Guitar and Vocals

Andy Armitage - England's Psychoslinky's Bassist

Wayne Denny- England's Psychoslinky's Drummer

Tommy Vulcano - Drums

Ron Shoemaker - Vocals and Guitar

Mike Shelton (Atlantis Recording Artist) - Bass, Vocals

Noreen Venn - Awesome Female Vocals

Wayne Duggins & Becky Mathews - Dynamite Vocals

Pieter Holland - Guitar and Vocals

Randy Cramer- Plays a Great Fiddle

John " D" Dzienisiewski -  D is for "Darn good Drummer"

Al Moran - Sits in with Fiddle, Banjo, and Electric Guitar

Janet and Denis Smillie - Vocals and Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Alan Cook - Sax

Dale Barth - Fiddle, Guitar and Vocals

 And Many More

The Crew:

Sammy Naylor and Ann Boyer



Who Knows Merchandise Schedule The Members Song List What Was
Links Fans Page Psychoslinky Tour 2007 Gig Photos Special Guests
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